Briton leaps to Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series win

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La Rochelle, Yucatán and now Kragerø – the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has reached its midway point and Briton Gary Hunt is the man of the 2010 season so far, after gaining the most points for diving off a 26.8 metre platform at Skagerrak strait in Norway on Saturday.

Earning the maximum haul of points he stood out from the rest, clocking up his third consecutive win in the six-part tournament which takes the world's elite divers to terrifying heights across the globe.

A whopping 17 points ahead of his nearest rival, and not giving away a single point after three out of six stops, the 26-year-old has three reasons to feel safe in his leading position:

“I’ve very recently come from 10m Olympic-style diving and I think that makes my form a little tighter. The consistency this year has been much better. It’s been a great start for me, it couldn’t have gone better, but there’s still three competitions left. It’s not in the bag just yet and I’m going to play around with a new dive in the next competition so let’s see how that goes.”

Artem Silchenko of Russia and Orlando Duque from Colombia, separated by only one point, are fighting for the second overall position. With another second place the Russian further underlined his claims to be number one:

“I beat Orlando who’s a great diver but I lose to Gary. Second place is good but I want to win and I can do it, I know it.”

The competition for the top six has never been so tight, only 0.05 point dividing positions 7 and 8, 1.5 points between rank 7 and 9.

Watch the highlights below: