Brussels Airport attack: Video shows aftermath of deadly suicide bombs

People can be seen rising from the floor to escape the dust-covered departures terminal 

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Video has emerged from inside Brussels airport that shows the immediate aftermath of terror attacks that have left 'at least 31' dead.

In the footage people and abandoned luggage can be seen strewn across the floor, with dust clouding the surrounding area between check-in desks.

The first of two blasts in the airport occurred near an American Airlines desk, although it is unclear how close the video was filmed to that location.

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Some people can be seen running from the scene as survivors pick themselves up off the floor, one couple appearing to hold a child’s toy and pram.

Towards the end of the video emergency services can be seen making their way through the hall, asking survivors to exit the building and leave their luggage.    

Two brothers, Khalid and Brahim, also known as Ibrahim, el-Bakraoui have been named as bombers in the attacks that killed more than 30 people and injured 250 more in the Belgian capital.

A third participant in the attacks, Najim Laachraoui was arrested this morning after being pictured on airport CCTV, according to local media.  

It was originally reported that the two brothers died in the departures area but Belgian media is now reporting that Brahim killed himself at the airport, while Khalid attacked the Maalbeek Metro station in a third explosion.

Khalid el-Bakraoui, Najim Laachraoui and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui have been named as suspects in the bombings

Brussels Airport remains closed, while the Metro is partially reopening.