Calais Jungle: French authorities issue expulsion order for migrants and refugees

Residents have been given until 8pm on Tuesday to leave or they will be forcibly removed by police

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An expulsion order has been issued for migrants and refugees living in the Calais ‘Jungle’, as French authorities prepare to demolish the camp.

The order gives those living in a huge swath of the camp until 8pm local time on Tuesday to remove themselves and their belongings. It warns anyone who does not comply will be forcibly removed by police.

It is estimated that between 800 and 1,000 live in that sector of the camp and will be affected.

Many of those living in the ‘Jungle’ are refugees and asylum seekers flying violence and political oppression in Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan. The camp has swollen in size in recent years to an estimated population of 4,000. It has developed a considerable community and makeshift infrastructure, including homes, mosques and shops. Theatre groups and restaurants have also featured. Cramped living conditions have prompted health concerns and been accused of lacking basic hygiene and human dignity requirements.

Those in the camp have now been told to move to nearby containers or welcome centres located throughout France.

On Thursday, eight associations working in the camp sent a protest letter to the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve denouncing the move and arguing that the proposal was “very far from answering the needs of the problems encountered.” However, Mr Cazeneuve responded to confirm that the proposal would proceed regardless.

With additional reporting by AP