Cartoonist promises to draw Mohamed every day for the rest of the year in protest of Charlie Hebdo attack

Stunt follows yesterday's 'terrorist attack' at French satirical magazine

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In defence of satire, an amateur artist has promised to draw the Prophet Mohamed on every one of the 347 days left in the year.

His first effort, which can be viewed here, is a fairly blank cartoon of the religious figure, apparently not designed to convey a specific message but stand against yesterday's shootings at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by its very depiction.

"I'd like to see Muhammad doing ordinary boring stuff instead of bombing everything," one Reddit user commented. "Picking up groceries, sitting on a bus, having dinner and having awkward moments with the in-laws."

"They'll get more interesting," the unidentified artist wrote. "I just needed to establish my base Muhammad."

But there was anger from some users, who felt the stunt amounted to Islamophobia.

One claimed that when something like yesterday's tragedy happens, people "drop their tolerance facades and move quickly from condemning terrorism to blatant islamophobia and racism."

Seven people have been arrested as the hunt continues for the two men believed to be behind the massacre of 12 journalists and policemen at Charlie Hebdo's offices on Rue Nicolas-Appert.

A third man, earlier named as a suspect by police, handed himself in late last night.

The seven individuals are thought to be associates or family of the suspects and were detained in the towns of Reims and Charleville-Mezieres, as well as in the Paris area.