Charlie Hebdo: Paris memorial vandalised four times in two weeks

The group '17 Never Again' has filed a police complaint

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A makeshift memorial for the 17 people killed in last month's Paris attacks by three Islamist gunmen has been desecrated four times in two weeks, according to reports in the French press.

Candles, flowers and messages of unity had been placed at Place de la République in Paris following the massacre at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and subsequent shootings on the city's streets and at a Kosher supermarket.

A group called '17 Never Again', which first set up the memorial and was permitted by police to continue to care for it, has condemned the repeated acts of vandalism.

"It's not the wind or the rain that did it as even objects and messages that were covered have been vandalised," the group's leader Sabrina Deliry told The Telegraph.

"When this happened before, we repaired the damage without saying anything, but this is too much.

"We're sickened and disgusted."

Rémy Vialeret, another member of '17 Never Again', told Metro News France that most people use the shrine as a place to honour the dead - reading the notes and admiring the tribute - but sometimes they encounter "vindictive people".

The attacks became increasingly severe, culminating on the night of Thursday February 19th when wreaths were shredded, pictures torn and inscriptions overwritten.

The group, which calls itself "apolitical and secular", has made an official police complaint.

Vialeret said: "This time they really screwed up."