Child with Down's Syndrome rejected from summer school in Rome

The school said the boy was too "difficult to manage", despite offers from his parents to pay for extra support

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A schoolboy in Italy with Down’s syndrome was rejected from a summer school because staff said he was too “difficult to manage”, his father claimed.

After the unnamed boy spent a day at the private summer school in Rome, its staff contacted his parents and said their son would not be allowed to return. 

“[The manager] said that they were very sorry, but he couldn’t attend, he was difficult to manage and they didn’t have the personnel to dedicate [to looking after him]”, the boy’s father named only Andrea, wrote on Facebook theThe Local reported via La Repubblica.

Andrea said he would pay for a tutor to help his son during his studies, but staff maintained their refusal.

Valerio Barletta, president of Rome’s XIX municipality where the family live, invited them to meet Mayor Ignazio Marino.

"We proposed enrolling his son, for free, in a state sports centre, where he will be welcomed from tomorrow, together with other children," said Barletta, the newspaper reported.

President of Roma’s commission, Erica Battaglia, for social and health policies said she was “proud” of the gesture made by the local authorities.

Concerned by misconceptions surrounding the condition, a group of young adults filmed a video message aimed at expectant mothers ahead of World Down’s Syndrome Day in March, in which they described their happy and fulfilled lives.