Video shows how refugees clashed with Hungary's border police, as they attempt to cross into the country from Serbia.

The travellers can be seen breaking through a gate before being pushed back by a water cannon.

Stones, sticks and plastic are hurled at the Hungarian authorities before being returned with pepper spray and tear gas.

The indiscriminate nature of Hungary’s attempt to deter the refugees saw one pregnant woman and several children caught in the crossfire.

Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General has criticised Hungary’s treatment of those attempting to cross the border, saying “I was shocked to see how these refugees and migrants were treated, it’s not acceptable.”

In disapproval of Hungary’s concerns over the refugees’ impact on their culture, Mr Ban added: “All the countries have their domestic problems, but since these people are fleeing wars and persecution, then we must show our compassionate leadership.

Hungary border clashes: “Children were crying because of the gas, people retching”

As further police and riot vehicles are deployed overnight, Croatia has opened its doors to anyone willing to pass through their country.

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said: “Croatia is entirely ready to receive or direct those people where they want to go, which is obviously Germany or Scandinavian countries.”

However concerns have arisen over the possibility of refugees crossing minefields left over from the Balkans wars.

Croatia: Refugees head to Tovarnik after Hungary border closure