Club 18-30 reps charged in Greece

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Five holiday reps filmed in an alleged oral sex competition on a Corfu beach face prison sentences of up to two years after being charged with debauchery by the Greek authorities.

They were charged this week in their absence after a two-month police investigation into their behaviour was prompted by an outcry from islanders. If the case is proved, then they can be arrested and imprisoned on their return to Corfu.

Zara Goodwin, Hannah Benhariz, Jenny Cresswell, Vinnie Sagoo and Adam Walker, all employed by Club 18-30 at the resort of Kavos, are alleged to have taken part in a drunken dare, which led to local complaints that the reps were scandalising the community.

A Greek businessman recorded their behaviour on camera, and the footage was shown on national television in Greece. The pictures provoked a huge debate about the behaviour of young holidaymakers in the country and about companies that encouraged wild parties, casual sex and binge drinking among their guests.

Ms Goodwin said: "Being a holiday rep has ruined my life. I really regret what happened - but we were encouraged to be wild and outrageous and I never expect there to be such a fall-out."

Last week Gemma Gunning, 18, from Bath, was jailed for eight months for dancing topless in a bar in Faliraki on the Greek island of Rhodes.

She eventually escaped with a fine which was paid by her parents - but the case sparked a clampdown on lewd and raucous behaviour at the many Greek holiday resorts frequented by young holidaymakers.