Conference Statement on Bosnia: Text of the final declaration of the London conference regarding the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Text of the final declaration of the London conference regarding the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina:

THE participants in the London conference on the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia condemn the continuing violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the attempts to gain territory by the use of force.

They reject as inhuman and illegal the expulsion of civilian communities from their homes in order to alter the ethnic character of any area.

They welcome the adoption by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 771 and other Security Council resolutions and the Resolution of the UN Commission on Human Rights on the situation of human rights in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

They undertake to collate substantiated information on violations of international humanitarian law and to make this information available to the United Nations. They reaffirm that persons who commit or order the commission of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions are individually responsible in respect of such breaches.

A political settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina must include the following provisions:

A full and permanent cessation of hostilities and an end of all violence and repression, including the expulsion of populations.

Recognition of Bosnia-Herzegovina by all the former Yugoslav republics.

Respect for the integrity of present frontiers, unless changed by mutual agreement.

Implementation of guarantees for the rights of persons belonging to all national communities and minorities in accordance with the UN Charter and Council for Security and Co-operation in Europe provisions.

Just and adequate arrangements for people who have been forcibly expelled from their homes including the right to return and compensation for their losses.

Democratic and legal structures which properly protect the rights of all in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including national communities and minorities.

Assurances of non-intervention by outside military forces whether formed units or irregulars, except as provided for in relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Respect for all international treaties and agreements.

Restoration of trade and other links with neighbouring countries.

Further urgent steps are now required to achieve a settlement. The participants in the London conference urge all parties immediately and without preconditions to resume negotiations on future constitutional arrangements within the framework of the conference.

All parties involved must participate in these negotiations with a genuine will to secure peace and a respect for the interests of the other parties.

The negotiations will also need to cover the following arrangements:

A genuine and lasting end to the conflict throughout the republic, and return of territory taken by force.

The cessation of all outside interference, in terms of personnel or material support, in the present conflict.

The grouping of heavy weaponry under international control.

The demilitarisation of major towns and the monitoring of them by international observers.

The establishment of refugee and relief centres for those citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina who have lost or been expelled from their homes, pending their return.

The extension of humanitarian relief to all areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina where supplies are needed, with the cooperation of local parties.

An international peace-keeping force under UN auspices may be created by the UN Security Council to maintain the ceasefire, control military movements and undertake other confidence-building measures.

As and when parties are ready to reach a settlement on the above basis, the international community will join with them in a major reconstruction programme to cope with humanitarian needs and to restore economic activity.