Danish jihadists in Syria have collected 400,000 kroner in unemployment benefit

The 32 individuals have collected the equivalent of £36,700

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Denmark’s socialist system is renowned for the welfare benefits, but new documents show that it has also been giving unemployment benefits to jihadists fighting in Syria.

32 individuals in Syria with Isis have collected 378,000 kroner worth of unemployment benefits, around £36700.

According to an Employment Ministry document attained by Danish radio station Radio24syv, the occurrence was revealed when the Security and Intelligence Service (PET) told the agency for Labour Market and Recruitment (STAR).

“STAR has thus far received information pertaining to 32 people who, according to PET’s information, have gone abroad in relation to the conflict in Syria while at the same time receiving social benefits in the form of kontanthjælp and dagpenge [two types of unemployment benefits, ed.],” a document from STAR stated.

Denmark’s unemployment insurance systems is one of the world’s most generous, as those on the dagpenge scheme can receive up to 801 kroner, around £78, per day for up to two years.

Peter Skaarup of the Danish People’s Party told Danish tabloid BT there should be systemic changes: “There has been a lot of talk about how serious it is, but when it comes to the practical consequences we can see that nobody does anything.”

“I think that every single case should be turned over to the police immediately because you are not available to the job market when you are in the midst of Syria’s civil war and if we are to send a signal that we won’t accept these Syrian fighters going down there, we need to put more consequences in place.”

Meanwhile in Iraq, Isis militants completed their capture of Ramadi on Sunday, as the Iraqi government send Iran-backed militias to fight.