David Cameron demands crackdown on EU fatcats


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David Cameron demanded a crackdown on Brussels fatcats today as he insisted he was ready to veto EU budget hikes.

The Prime Minister said 16 per cent of European Commission staff were paid more than 100,000 euros and the "central administration" needed to be curbed.

The comments came as leaders wrapped up another summit dominated by efforts to resolve the eurozone crisis.

Britain and Germany have also been arguing for a real-terms freeze in EU budgets for the next seven years, which are due to be set next month.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Cameron insisted he was ready to veto any "unacceptable" proposals.

"I think it would be good to have a deal, it is good to settle these issues," he said.

"But it just would not be acceptable to see a huge increase in EU spending at a time when other budgets are being cut.

"The British public expect a tough approach and rigorous approach and that is exactly what they will get.

"If we cannot get a deal, you know, there's no point doing a deal that is a bad deal.

"If there isn't a deal that is good for Britain, if there isn't a deal available then there won't be a deal.

"We cannot have European spending going up and up and up when we are having to make difficult decisions in so many different areas.

"Having said that, there is plenty that the European budget already does and can do more of.

"My favourite figure for the day, there is I think 16 per cent of employees at the European Commission earning over 100,000 euros.

"What we have done in Britain is we have cracked down on the central administration, the costs of Whitehall.

"There are things that are more important and we need to see that kind of approach."