DNA tests on Lindh murder suspect

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Swedish police are trying to establish a DNA match between a 35-year-old man arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of Anna Lindh, the Foreign Minster, and a sample taken from a baseball cap believed to have been worn by her murderer.

The DNA test will analyse a strand of hair found in a blue cap which police retrieved from a dustbin in central Stockholm hours after Ms Lindh was stabbed on 10 September.

The cap is believed to be the same as that worn by the suspected murderer when he was filmed on CCTV moments before the attack. Police have not named the man who was taken in for questioning yesterday.

Under Swedish law a suspect cannot be named until the end of any future court case.

Police sources said yesterday that the man was possibly schizophrenic. It was also reported that the suspect had 49 criminal convictions, ranging from credit card theft to assault and has served four jail terms.