Do food the French way - grow it on your roof!


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In recent years people have become more aware of exactly what is in their food, but patrons of one restaurant in Paris need not worry, as they have a unique way of assuring that their food is ethically-sourced - by growing it on the roof.

The concept of creating green spaces on flat roofs is spreading through France, as is increased concern about where food comes from, and the capital city of Paris is no exception.

Terroir Parisien's urban kitchen garden in Paris was planted to ensure that quality seasonal produce - which was sourced in an eco-friendly way - could be provided to the restaurant all year round. The rooftop garden is maintained by Sibylle, a biotechnology engineering student, and vegetables from the garden are used on a daily basis.

While kitchen gardens and urban agriculture are nothing new, Terroir Parisien's rooftop garden is perhaps a refreshing, efficient, and ethical approach to food in an industry that has been increasingly depersonalised with tools of mass-production.

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