Dog who was so traumatised it would only look at the wall is much better now

Cara the sighthound can be seen having a howling match with a friend not long after she was barely able to turn her head from the wall

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The dog that was so traumatised it wouldn't turn its head from the corner of the room appears to be feeling much better now.

Cara the sighthound was taken in by PAWS Animal Rescue in Ireland back in July 2015.

She was so scared after years of abuse, vets confirmed that she was unable to turn from the wall out of sheer nerves rather than any medical condition.

In the video above though she can be seen playing with another dog, having clearly improved greatly since the original footage.

Posting the video on Facebook, the charity wrote 'Shy?? Not anymore Cara'

Cara was eventually adopted by Michael and Theresa McGrath, becoming one of the thousands of dogs to be rescued by PAWS since 1997.

The charity was set up by Deirdre & Gina Hetherington in Sallins, Co Kildare with the aim ofboth rehoming unwanted dogs and saving them from destruction.