Dutch arrest UK terror suspect

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A British man has been arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport on suspicion of involvement in terrorism.

The man was detained after flying in from Liverpool en route to Uganda and is of Somali origin, officials said.

A police spokesman said the man had been arrested before a flight took off yesterday.

Evert Boerstra, from the Dutch prosecutors' office, said the arrest followed a tip-off from British authorities. Mr Boerstra said the man is suspected of possible involvement with a foreign terrorist organisation, but did not specify which one.

Last week, the head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, warned that the UK faced a serious risk of an attack, and singled out Somalia and Yemen as threats.

Two Yemenis arrested in Amsterdam after a flight from Chicago on suspicion of planning a terror attack were released earlier this month.

The Foreign Office confirmed that it was looking into the arrest made in Amsterdam.