Ebola in Europe: Nurse treating Teresa Romero among three more quarantined in Spain

Sixteen people are being monitored for symptoms at the Carlos III hospital

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Three more people have been placed under observation at a Madrid hospital and monitored for signs of Ebola, the Spanish Government has confirmed.

This brings the total number of people being quarantined at Madrid's Carlos III hospital to 16. Nurse Teresa Romero, the first person known to have contracted Ebola outside of West Africa, is understood to be in a stable condition.

Those being monitored are a nurse who has been treating Ms Romero, a hairdresser who served her and a hospital cleaner.

A government statement released on Saturday said none of the 16 people in quarantine have shown any symptoms.

On Friday, a woman in Paris reported to be showing symptoms of Ebola tested negative for the virus. On Saturday, Brazil's health ministry said a man placed under observation there had also tested negative for Ebola on Saturday.

A man holds a placard with his temperature and flashes a victory sign from his window at the Carlos III hospital

Meanwhile, Liberia’s United Nations peacekeeping mission placed 41 staff members, including 20 military personnel, under "close medical observation" after an international member of its medical team was diagnosed with Ebola.

More than 4,000 people have died after contracting Ebola, with the majority of cases occurring in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Liberia has recorded 2,316 confirmed, suspected and probable Ebola deaths — far more than any other country touched by the current outbreak.

Britain is currently undertaking national exercises to test the UK's preparedness for an outbreak of Ebola. The eight-hour drill is taking part at unknown hospitals across the country and is being attended by ministers.

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