Eight skydivers die in Finnish plane crash

Police are investigating what caused the tragedy on Sunday

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Eight skydivers have been killed after their plane crashed to the ground and caught fire in Finland on Sunday.

Detective Superintendent Petri Kangas said three people survived the accident after they parachuted from the aircraft above Jamijarvi airfield, about 45 miles (70 kilometres) east of the south western town of Pori.

Mr Kangas said investigators did not know the cause of the accident but that “apparently some parts fell off the plane before it crashed”.

Police said the eight victims were found in the badly burned aircraft, a Comp Air 8 kit aircraft, popular among parachutists.

The aircraft was said to have been travelling at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet prior to the crash.

Police said all 11 people on board were accounted for and that the three survivors were being treated for minor injuries. The pilot is understood to be among those who survived.

All the skydivers lived in the local area, police said.

Jamijarvi is one of the busiest general aviation airfields in Finland. 

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