Eta gives terrorists disguise manual

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Eta, the armed Basque separatist group, has issued its terrorists with a disguise manual to help them escape the police.

The booklet includes tips on how to use make-up to cover cuts and bruises and the best way to wear wigs or false moustaches to keep one step ahead of the law. The illustrated booklet also gives camouflage tips.

The manual was revealed yesterday by the Spanish television channel Telecino, which obtained access to the document from police sources. There are tips on how to make faces appear more oval, or what to do to make them seem "longer".

Police now believe three suspected Eta terrorists involved in the murder of two Spanish Civil Guard officers in Capbreton, in south-west France, two weeks ago, may have used disguises to get away.

One suspect, Saioa Sanchez Iturregi, appeared in police pictures with dark hair, taken when she was arrested at an earlier date. But witnesses to the shooting said the assailant had blonde hair. When Ms Sanchez was caught days later, her hair was dark again.

Sanchez and Asier Bengoa Lopez de Armentia are in custody accused of killing Raul Centeno and Fernando Trapero. A third, male, suspect is still at large.