EU to push for ban on use of dog and cat fur in clothing

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A ban on domestic dog and cat fur being used in clothes and accessories is to be proposed by the EU, after an outcry by animal welfare campaigners.

Footage showing alsatians being skinned alive in China for their fur, along with the discovery of labrador fur being passed off as fox, has prompted the EU to take action to outlaw the trade.

The EU Consumer Protection Commissioner will tomorrow propose measures to clamp down on the trade after trimmings for clothes from dogs and domestic cats were discovered on sale in EU countries.

Animal welfare campaigners have discovered a large quantity of fur on sale from cats and dogs that have been caught as strays, or bred in China for their pelts. Although samples have not been found in Britain, the campaigners say it would be highly unlikely if it were not on sale in the UK because it has been found in other EU countries.