Fifa corruption arrests: 'Supergrass' Chuck Blazer shows off lavish lifestyle through his blog including meeting with Vladimir Putin

Blazer is believed to agreed to cooperate with the FBI to incriminate his former colleagues in the on-going

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Chuck Blazer is believed to be the Fifa "supergrass" who agreed to cooperate with the FBI to incriminate his colleagues after being confronted with details of his own illegal activities. But the impending charges did not deter him from continuing to maintain his eccentric blog.

Entitled “Travels with Chuck Blazer And His Friends”, the former Fifa vice president’s internet diary, which can still be found online, details his encounters with Pele, Prince William, several Miss Universe winners and President Vladimir Putin – and shows he had a penchant for dressing up.

Photographs of the globetrotting Blazer as Santa Claus, the devil and Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars are jumbled together with videos of football matches, Fifa awards ceremonies and news articles about him which he apparently cut-and-pasted from news websites.

Blazer blogged his lavish Fifa lifestyle through his website...

Which included pictures of him at work alongside Sepp Blatter...

...and some not at work as he's seen dressed up as Santa Claus

Blazer actually has a slideshow of famous people he has met

Some of them professional...

...and some of them not so professional

Among the more amusing entries is his account of a meeting with Mr Putin in November 2010. “A firm handshake and a personable smile set the tone for what turned out to be a very special experience,” Blazer writes.

“He looked at me with a very serious smile and said, without cracking a smile, ‘You know, you look like Karl Marx!’”


Taken aback, Blazer simply winked back at the Russian President and replied: “I know.” Mr Putin responded by thrusting his arm in the air and giving him a high five.