Flamenco star faces jail in trial over hit-and-run death

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Farruquito, whose real name is Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya, took to the witness stand in Seville in southern Spain over an offence committed in 2003.

Although he admitted to police that he was driving the car that struck Benjamin Olalla, 35, he denies the charge of negligent homicide. He claims that he fled the scene because he was scared of ruining his and his family's future."I had fear of everything, my career future and all that could happen to my family if I went to prison," he said. "I don't know whether I'm guilty or innocent."

Farruquito, a man listed in the US People magazine as among the "50 most beautiful" people, is the son of flamenco singer Juan Fernandez Flores "El Moreno" (the Dark One) and the grandson of the legendary Farruco, considered the best flamenco dancer of the 20th century.

He faces a prison sentence of three to eight years if found guilty.

The prosecution claims that Farruquito had been driving without a licence or insurance on 30 September 2003 when he hit Mr Olalla at a pedestrian crossing.

Farruquito said he was exhausted after a long day of rehearsing and lost control of his car. Mr Olalla later died in a hospital.

The 22-year-old said he returned to the scene hours later and did not realise the man had died until he found out in the news. He was arrested in March 2004.

The case continues.