French interior ministry releases video of both Paris siege operations

Video: Police footage shows the moment hostages were freed from kosher supermarket

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France's Interior Ministry has released video footage of the police operations that took place on Friday and brought to an end the sieges in a kosher supermarket and a printworks.

The Interior Ministry released the video on Sunday in a move the French media called "unusual".

The video shows police leading away hostages from the kosher supermarket after officers had blown up the shop entrance and killed the gunman, Amedy Coulibaly, 32. He had already murdered four hostages and killed a policewoman in Paris on Thursday.

The video also shows the prelude to the raid on an industrial estate just outside of Dammartin-en-Goele, on the Parisian outskirts. The video shows police planning the siege on the printing business where the two men responsible for the attack on Charlie Hebdo's offices were holed up with one hostage.

The brothers Cherif and Said Kouchai were the architects of the Charlie Hebdo massacre that saw 12 people die on Wednesday morning. The pair fled the city and were on the run until Friday. They were both killed on Friday.

Coulibaly was a close of associate of the Kouchai brothers and both police operations on the two hostage situations took place around 4pm local time. Coulibaly killed four of 17 hostages before dying in a hail of 40 bullets when French security police stormed the building shortly after they killed the Kouchai brothers. It is believed that the attacks were coordinated.

Over three million people, including world leaders, took to the streets of France on Sunday to remember the victims of the bloodiest terror attacks France has endured in years.