Frenchman reaches 207mph on rocket-powered bicycle, setting new record

Video: François Gissy hit a peak speed of 333km/h (207mph) after around 250m in the south of France

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It's definitely one way to whizz through rush-hour traffic and avoid the cycling dangers of trucks, white vans and the rest.

François Gissy stuck a rocket onto his bike last week and reached the speed of 333km/h (207mph) on the Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet in the south of France.

His rocket-propelled bike was designed by a friend, Arnold Neracher, and Gissy told Gizmag that he now wants to go on to reach 400km/h (249mph) in less than two seconds.

He explained that the bike has a cluster of three small rocket thrusters that are fuelled by highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

The bike easily beat a Ferrari F430 out of the starting blocks on the track.

Describing what it's like to travel at over 200mph on a basic bike, Gissy said, "You better understand why the wind can do so much damage during powerful storms. I'm lucky my head is still bolted on the body!"