Gay marriage referendum: Nine-year-old's 'yes vote' melts Ireland's heart

Equal marriage referendum: nine-year-old's 'Yes' vote melt Ireland's heart

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A nine-year-old boy's note supporting gay marriage has been found inside a Dublin ballot box.

A woman helping to count the votes at a polling station in south west Dublin today found the handwritten note which said "I vote yes. Carey. Age 9" in a ballot box.

The note, on a milk company's headed paper, was discovered by activist Stephanie Fleming and tweeted out to her 1,214 followers.

The image, which has now been retweeted over 1,500 times.


Unfortunately Carey is not old enough to vote and as it is not an official ballot paper it will not be counted but he is just one of many thousands of young people expected to make Yes vote win by a landslide.

Many Irish citiizens living abroad came back especially to vote in yesterday's poll with people tweeting about long queues at airports. Anyone who has left the country less than 18 months, including students, has to return to Ireland to vote at their home polling station.

Ireland is the first country in the world to decide the same sex marriage question with a country wide poll. Early results suggest that the motion is set to pass with ease as the first result, Dublin North West, shows 57 per cent of vote saying 'Yes'.