Genoa summit: What the G8 leaders have achieved

Extracts from the final statement of the G8 summit in Genoa
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Climate change

"We confirm our determination to find global solutions to threats endangering the planet. We recognise that climate change is a pressing issue that requires a global solution. We are committed to providing strong leadership. We all firmly agree on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While there is currently disagreement on the Kyoto Protocol and its ratification, we are committed to working intensively together to meet our common objective ... We welcome Russia's proposal to convene in 2003 a global conference on climate change with the participation of governments, business and science as well as representatives of civil society."


"We are determined to make globalisation work for all our citizens and especially the world's poor. Drawing the poorest countries into the global economy is the surest way to address their fundamental aspirations. We concentrated our discussions on a strategy to achieve this. The situation in many developing countries – especially in Africa – calls for decisive global action. The most effective poverty reduction strategy is to maintain a strong, dynamic, open and growing global economy. We pledge to do that."

Debt relief

"Debt relief – particularly the Enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative – is a valuable contribution to the fight against poverty, but it is only one of the steps needed to stimulate faster growth in very poor countries. We are delighted 23 countries have qualified for an overall amount of debt relief of over $53bn, out of an initial stock of debt of $74bn. We must continue this progress ... In particular, we look to countries affected by conflict to turn away from violence. When they do, we confirm that we will strengthen our efforts to help them take the measures needed to receive debt relief."


"An effective response to HIV/Aids and other diseases will require society-wide action beyond the health sector. We welcome the steps taken by the pharmaceutical industry to make drugs more affordable. In the context of the new global fund, we will work with the pharmaceutical industry and with affected countries to facilitate the broadest possible provision of drugs in an affordable and medically effective manner."

World hunger

"Over 800 million people remain seriously malnourished, including at least 250 million children. So a central objective of our poverty reduction strategy remains access to adequate food supplies and rural development."

The summit violence

"We are grateful to the citizens of Genoa for their hospitality, and deplore the violence, loss of life and mindless vandalism that they have had to endure. We will maintain our active and fruitful dialogue with developing countries and other stakeholders. And we will defend the right of peaceful protesters to have their voices heard. But as democratic leaders, we cannot accept that a violent minority should be allowed to disrupt our discussions on the critical issues affecting the world. Our work will go on."