German police want to speak to David Haye


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German police were last night calling on the former world champion boxer David Haye to hand himself in for questioning after he left the country following a punch-up with a rival fighter at a press conference.

The unseemly brawl between Haye and former British heavyweight champion Dereck Chisora has been denounced as a moment of shame for British boxing. Chisora, 28, was arrested and released without charge but German police missed Haye when they arrived at his hotel at 4am yesterday to question him. Police said he did not turn up for his scheduled flight and his whereabouts are unknown.

Chisora and Haye traded punches and grappled at the press conference which followed the former's points defeat to Vitali Klitschko in Munich on Saturday. Various hangers-on tried to prise them apart while Klitschko looked on.

Haye, 31, was at the bout working for a television network, and repeatedly heckled Chisora. The pair squared up and Haye, who was holding a glass bottle, landed a right. Officers wanted to question both men about the brawl, during which Chisora also threatened to shoot Haye.

After Haye's punch, Chisora mistakenly claimed he had been glassed. Haye's manager, Adam Booth, wrongly said he had also been hit with a bottle when he emerged with a cut forehead and blood running down his face.

Chisora's trainer, Don Charles, was also arrested but freed without charge.