German politician seeks release of files after 'spying' from secret UK listening post in Berlin

Hans-Christian Stroebele said he had written to the heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ

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A German politician today said he believed he had been spied upon from a secret United Kingdom listening-post close to his office in Berlin.

In a meeting with British MPs, Hans-Christian Stroebele said he had written to the heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ asking them to release any files they have compiled on him.

Mr Stroebele, a Green member of the German parliament, also called for Britain to face action for breaking European Union laws which forbid spying on fellow member states.

His comments came after the Independent disclosed concerns that the United Kingdom was operating a covert surveillance centre from the roof of its German embassy.

Following the report, the British ambassador in Berlin was called in to the German foreign ministry.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has also warned that claims of American spy operations in Germany, including the bugging of her mobile phone, were straining relations with Washington.

Mr Stroebele said: "There's reason to think I'm being spied on as well, for example, through the spy station in the British embassy in Berlin.

"This embassy is in sight of my offices, it's very close to my office. If there has been spying going on from the embassy directly then, obviously, I'm thinking I have been spied on as well."

Mr Stroebele was highly critical of the disclosure that covertly-obtained information about Germany was being relayed to the United States through Britain.