Germany criticised over racist killings: Relatives mourn victims of neo-Nazi arson attack on Turkish immigrants

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ISTANBUL (Reuter) - Zekiye Zenc, grandmother of three of the five Turkish immigrants killed in an arson attack in Germany on Saturday, mourns in front of her house in the town of Amasya yesterday.

Turkey, outraged by the killings, lashed Bonn for failing to curb neo- Nazi racists. The Acting Prime Minister, Erdal Inonu, told a news conference that Germany's security measures had proved inadequate. Mr Inonu said Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl had written to him promising to track down those responsible for the attack and expressing sorrow for its victims. 'Kohl has guaranteed us that the criminals will be caught and immediately brought to justice.'

Turkish newspapers criticised Bonn for failing to prevent the attack in Solingen which killed two women and three girls and badly injured two children. Police said it was a neo-Nazi attack. 'Stop Hitler's bastards, Kohl,' said a headline in Hurriyet.

The newly elected President, Suleyman Demirel, called on Germany to boost security measures. 'These murderers who have committed inhuman crimes have to be caught immediately and punished the way they deserve,' state television quoted him as saying.

In Germany, thousands of Turks and Germans marched through Solingen and other cities including Berlin, which has the biggest concentration of Germany's 1.8 million Turks, to condemn the attack and show solidarity with its victims.

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