Gibraltar airport closed after security alert on plane

Police say a suspect package was identified on the EasyJet plane

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Gibraltar airport has been closed after a security alert on a plane there.

Local police said a suspect package had been found on the Airbus A319 and that explosives experts had been called in.

Royal Gibraltar Police warned people to stay away from the area while the suspicious device was dealt with.

“Officers are dealing with a suspect package at the airport. Please stay away from the area,” the police tweeted.

Passengers were moved to a secure area in the airport and their baggage was offloaded and re-screened.

EasyJet told the BBC that the flight, which originated in London Gatwich, was “delayed due to a technical issue which resulted in a smell of smoke”.

At around 2pm the police declared the incident over but warned there could be congestion in the area as roads reopened.

The force tweeted: "#Gibraltar #Airport incident has now been declared over. Thank you for your patience - area congested avoid if possible."