HIV man sent to jail for having unprotected sex

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Washington - In the first sentencing of its kind in the US, a man infected with the HIV virus has been jailed for nine and a half years for having unprotected sex with a teenage girl, writes David Usborne.

Alberto Gonzalez, 28, was convicted in Portland, Oregon, of attempted murder on the grounds that he knew he was exposing the girl to the HIV virus when they had intercourse. The girl in the case has tested negative for the HIV virus but two of Gonzalez's former sex partners have tested HIV-positive and one died of Aids earlier this year. The prosecution said he should be jailed because he was a menace to society. The case is considered important because it marks the first time such a judgment has been handed down on the basis of existing criminal laws in the US. Several states have moved recently to draft laws specifically to address problems related to the sexual habits of HIV carriers.