How the honking ruins the bonking

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PERPIGNAN (AP) - Joelle Cinca, who raises geese in a small town in southern France, is tired of taking ganders at the X-rated scenes next door.

She alleges that actors in pornographic films at a neighbouring film studio in the town of Pia 'run around naked' and 'do it like animals', driving her geese crazy. Mrs Cinca has filed a complaint with a local prosecutor against Studio Defi, a leading producer of pornographic films and magazines and sex toys. 'They're all naked on the roofs, they film, they run around, they do it like animals,' Mrs Cinca said. 'You see love scenes on car bonnets or right in the grass next to the road.'

Defi retorts that it is the victim of Mrs Cinca's geese, whose honking interferes with their filming. 'We're the ones disturbed by the geese and their horrible racket,' said a Defi employee, Emmanuelle Raban. 'We record our sound live with the videos. We're obliged to redo the sound in the studio, or cut out scenes which were really good because of those geese honking in the background.'

The local city hall has refused to become involved in what it calls a neighbourly dispute, preferring to leave it to the two sides to haggle over the gaggles.