Hungary's extremists warned

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BUDAPEST (AP) - Hungary's Prime Minister, Jozsef Antall, clashed with the powerful extremist wing of his party and warned them he would not give in to intense pressure to move to the right and embrace nationalism.

'If they unsheath the sword . . . I will not retreat,' declared Mr Antall at a national congress of his Hungarian Democratic Forum. 'I will stand by centrist policies with utmost determination.'

Mr Antall's rivals, led by the populist writer Istvan Csurka, seek to add sweeping nationalist contours to the party that would act to keep out Hungarian citizens of non-Hungarian ethnic origins such as gypsies and Jews and other nationalities. Amid applause from more than 600 delegates that was stronger than for Mr Antall, Mr Csurka accused the Prime Minister of inaction since the fall of Communism in 1990.