Iceland tourism board release video on how to avoid hot tub awkwardness

Iceland is going on a tourism offensive, creating a series of videos to ensure visitors have a smooth trip – especially in the hot tub.

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Iceland is on a tourism offensive and it is not sticking to the conventional.

No sprawling untouched glacial landscapes are on display in their recent tourism video; instead it features a fully grown man, naked.

Gudmundur, the head of spa etiquette, provides tourists with a guide on how to hot tub – with help from a naked volunteer.


He explains that Iceland “takes hygiene very seriously” with everyone required to have a shower before entering the hot tub.

He even recalls “a little rhyme” to help you to remember: “Heads, armpits, crotch and toes…” as the naked man demonstrates the steps.


After the showers, the pair hit the hot tub where Gudmundur leaves potential tourists with some final words of advice.

“Hot tubs are very important to the Icelandic people. In here we are all equal and no topic is off limits.”