It's finally here: The German parody of the New York catcalling video

Video: A man decided to see whether he would experience any "horsecalling' while walking around in Dresden

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Last week's video, "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman", set off a wave of reaction, from condemnation of the incessant catcalling, to a critique of the video's editing and to a ridiculous defence of it be a similarly ridiculous man on CNN.

Another result of the harassment video - which showed a woman receiving over 100 catcalls during a four-hour walk in the Big Apple - was a list of copycats.

Some were serious, such as the New Zealand model who walked through the streets of Auckland and received no hassle whatsover.

Others were more comedic, such as "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Jew" and Funny Or Die's "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man." The latter saw a man abused with shouts of "Hey powerful" and "Hey you look really desirable but I'm going to respect your privacy".

Now, we have the weirdest parody yet and where else could it come from but...Germany. Dresden, to be precise.

The video shows a man walking around the German town wearing a horse mask.

The horse doesn't necessarily get catcalls - or horsecalls - but he does get a lot of attention, such as "Alter, ein Pferd! (Dude, a horse!)" and "Der hat aber einen komischen Kopf! (That guys has a strange head!)"

Passersby also perform a lot of "pferd-imitation" i.e. people make a lot of neighing sounds.

The creator of the video said the parody made entirely for fun and was not meant to hurt anyone's feelings.

No horses were harmed in the filming.

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