La Coruna crash: Six killed after rally car skids off track and into spectators

At least one pregnant women and her partner are reported to have died instantly at the La Coruna rally

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At least six people have been killed when a rally car skidded of the track and into spectators in Spain.

At least one pregnant woman and her partner are reported to have died instantly at the La Coruna rally in the Spanish region of Carral in the north-west of the country.

The current death toll is six people, with more women and at least one man also reported to have died, anlthough police have said the number could rise, according to the Press Association.

Thousands were gathered at the rally, which is organised by the Escuderia La Coruna group, when witnesses said they saw the car flying off a bend at high speed and into the crowd.

Local man Sergio Tabeayo Sande, accompanied by co-pilot Luis Miguel Prego, was driving the car, according to MailOnline.

Sixteen people were also injured - among them at least three children - and taken to hospital for emergency medial attention.

On their website the organiers posted a black ribbon image to express their sorrow at the incident.

“Since the Scuderia, we want to show our support for the victims of the serious accident that occurred today in Carral,” the site said.

A Guardia Civil (Spanish police) spokesman told national media The Olive Press that the driver had been going too fast.

“One of the drivers took the track at a much higher speed than he should have, and he veered off a curve, slamming into around 20 people.”

Meanwhile, The Olive Press reported that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tweeted: “The La Coruna Rally is in mourning. My deepest condolences to the bereaved and wishes for a complete recovery of those injured.”

The cause of the accident is being investigated.