Le Pen hails gains

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PARIS (AFP) - The president of France's extreme-right National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, congratulated extreme-right parties in Austria and Belgium yesterday for their 'brilliant electoral success' in elections at the weekend.

The successes in Sunday's elections prove 'the awakening of the European people . . . translated into massive votes in favour of those who, despite demonisation, rise against the dangers of cosmopolitanism and world-wide policies,' Mr Le Pen said.

The National Front leader said he had no doubt the French people would 'take to heart' this example in the next elections in France. 'I have no doubts that the French, in forthcoming elections, will be bent on following their lead and that . . . we shall build a brotherly Europe of homelands and peoples.' Mr Le Pen added: 'nationalists of all countries, unite, today more than ever]'