Lingerie buyers get lessons in taking it off sexily

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A Paris department store is offering free lessons in striptease today to female customers of its revamped lingerie department.

Men should not bother to turn up at Galeries Lafayette. Women who wish to receive lessons on how to undress sexily for their husbands or boyfriends will be shown into a private room. Prurient male eyes will be excluded.

"When you buy lingerie, you want to show it off but you have to know how to show it off," said a spokeswoman for the store. "We want to teach women how to take off their clothes for their men. It's not easy to take off your trousers without looking ridiculous."

The one-day offer is a publicity stunt for the expanded lingerie department, which Galeries Lafayette claims to be the largest in the world.

The lessons will be provided by a professional striptease artist called Léa who runs a strip and seduction school in Paris. "We are aiming at women who want to play the seductress, to give their relationship a bit more pep or as a surprise for their man," Léa said. "We will be explaining how you should always unbutton your blouse from the bottom ... and how not to get your skirt snagged in your high heels."

The store spokeswoman said the lessons were meant to be "light-hearted, funny and laid-back ... Women can be feminist, independent and still like to have a bit of fun with their man."