Loyal dog who refused to leave his dead owner's side in scorching heat is re-homed

The dog mourned for his owner at a kennel in the US

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A dog with heart-breaking loyalty to his deceased owner has been re-homed, according to animal control officers in the US state of Oklahoma.

The homeless man who owned the bull terrier died on the roadside in Oklahoma City last week. Police officers have not confirmed how the man died, KFRO news reported.

Despite the stifling summer heat causing the dog to suffer from dehydration and exhaustion, the faithful animal guarded the man’s body, according animal control.

He could have walked to a nearby river to cool off, but stayed by his owner's side, they added.

Animal welfare supervisor Sheridan Lowey told the broadcaster that when his team arrived on the scene, the dog “kept wanting to pull back to go back to where the remains of where the deceased owner was.”

But during his stay at the kennel, the dog mourned his owner's death, and would not eat, did not bark and hid in his kennel. His mood only improved if a staff member brought out his leash, which likely holds the scent of his owner.

"He was really well taken care of," she told KONO. "The owner loved him very much and it shows in his personality because he definitely is a people dog."

Welfare supervisor Wendy Pearson said that pup is now healthy, and officials confirmed on Wednesday that the dog had been taken home by a close relative of his late owner.