'Magaluf girl' bar ordered to pay €55,000 fine following 'mamading' video investigation

The bar where an 18-year old was filmed performing a sex act on multiple men will have to close its doors for a year

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The Magaluf bar where a young woman was filmed performing a sex act on more than 20 men has been ordered to close down and pay a fine following a police investigation.

The Calvia council in the holiday island of Majorca, where the bar is located, said the content of the video represented a serious violation of the Children and Adolescents Act, which prohibits the distribution of "pornographic" material involving a young person.

A police report established the video was filmed inside the Playhouse club following an alcohol-fuelled night out organised by Carnage Magaluf.

The company, which regularly hosts bar crawls and parties in the Spanish island , has been ordered to pay a €55,000 fine as the council found it responsible for the incident. Playhouse will also have to close its doors for a year. Carnage Magaluf has 15 days to appeal the decision.

The "Magaluf girl" video made headlines earlier this month after footage emerged of a young British woman performing a sex act on 24 men in return for a cocktail. The video, which lasts for over two minutes, was first posted on Facebook and later shared across various social media platforms.

At the time, Paul Smith, who runs Carnage Magalluf, refused to apologise for the video, insisting that he was disgusted by the incident but had no moral responsibility over the woman. He also denied his employees encouraged her to take part in the game against her will.

The drinking game, dubbed as "mamading"- a Spanish word for oral sex- encourages young women to perform sex acts for free alcohol and raised serious concerns about the exploitation of young, vulnerable women in the holiday island.