Main points of Brussels programme

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1. Creating jobs. Better implementation of the single market - including the elimination of border controls. A strong focus on new technologies.

2. Monetary Union. Ensuring that member states are ready by closer monitoring of unemployment and technical preparations for a single currency.

3. Strengthening solidarity. A new programme of social legislation, to promote equal opportunities; help for consumers.

4. Immigration and crime. Agreement on rules for external frontiers, asylum seekers, free movement for non-EU citizens; co-operation against drug-trafficking.

5. Foreign Policy. A new body to analyse threats to European security. Preparations for new membership in central and eastern Europe.

6. Better Management. Making the EU more transparent (open in its decision- making), simplifying legislation and taking tougher action against fraud.

7. Report on future EU reforms for the 1996 treaty-revising conference of the 15 governments.