Major gives backing to US action

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WASHINGTON - John Major yesterday underlined his assurance that differences over Bosnia between the US and Britain were 'behind us' by giving unequivocal support to the shooting down of four Serbian aircraft by American F-16 fighters, writes Donald Macintyre. On the first day of a visit by Mr Major which both governments are anxious to ensure demonstrates a restored rapport between London and Washington, Mr Major went out of his way to tell a group of congressmen that the enforcement action could help the peace process by reinforcing the credibility of UN resolutions. In doing so he closely echoed the reaction of Al Gore, the US Vice- President, who said before talks with Mr Major that, 'far from damaging the prospects for peace', the move 'may actually increase the prospects for peace by sending the message very clearly and firmly that the no-fly zone is not to be trifled with and that strengthens the force of other statements by the UN and Nato'.