Man apologises to wife by getting 45 cars to spell 'sorry'

Video: The husband declined to say what he had done wrong 

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Well, this is certainly a new one for the remorseful husband.

A man in Russia has apologised to his wife by organising 45 cars to spell out the words "I'm sorry", according to Ruptly.

There is no news regarding why the husband needed to go to such lengths to beg for his partner's forgiveness on Tuesday evening. The man declined to make public what it was he had done to incur the wrath of his wife.

The man managed to get 45 cars together in the central Russian town of Surgut by utilising social media. It took him just one day to amass the right amount of vehicles to spell out "прости" (prostii) meaning "I'm sorry" in Russian. The cars also formed a small heart shape.

His wife can be heard laughing in amazement and cheering the 45 congregated cars, with the drivers beeping their horns and flashing their lights in response. Thus, from the manner of her reaction, it can be inferred that the apology was accepted.

A lesson for husbands everywhere: when you've done something wrong, organise an automobile flashmob.