Man caught trying to smuggle woman into Turkey in his suitcase

When did they think that this would be a good idea?

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Two Georgian nationals were detained by Turkish border authorities after a man was caught trying to sneak a woman into the country inside his suitcase.

In a video released by Turkish custom officials at the Sarpi border crossing on Monday, the male, aged 25, is filmed being stopped by staff after he was caught “acting suspiciously” when leaving the plane.

Staff can then be heard demanding that the man open his suitcase. After a period of posturing, the suitcase is eventually unzipped, only to reveal a 22-year-old woman inside.

Some of the officials can be heard laughing when they see the woman curled up in a fetal position inside the tight space.

According to Turkish officials, the two travellers were detained and interviewed following the discovery.

During the interview, the woman explained that she had tried to smuggle herself into Turkey in a suitcase because a previous conviction had banned her from entering the country.

The two were later sent back to Georgia and ordered never to return.

This is the second instance of a woman being smuggled by suitcase into a country this month.

On March 17, a Frenchman was caught by Polish border officials after he attempted to sneak his Russian wife into Europe in a, albeit larger, suitcase.