Mother and daughter 'living in Cyprus airport' for 15 months

The two have refused offers of help so far

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Two women from Germany have been living in Cyprus's Larnaca International Airport for the past 15 months.

The women, believed to be a mother and daughter, have been sleeping on the concrete floor of the airport's car park.

Although they have been offered assistance to return to Germany, they have refused help from the airport.

It has been reported that the pair regularly enter the airport to use its facilities.

Adamos Aspris, Hermes Airport spokesman, told The Independent that airport staff last saw the women yesterday morning in the car park.

Mr Aspris said: “At the beginning our effort was to deal with this issue from a humanitarian perspective. However you cannot continue with this situation long term. After all we are an airport, not a hotel."

The pair has also reportedly refused help from Larnaca police and the German Embassy.

Mr Aspris said the airport was working with responsible authorities to try "to find a solution to deal with this issue".


The women reportedly arrived in Cyprus in August 2014, after being deported from Israel because their visas had expired. It is thought they want to return to Israel but are waiting for their status to be cleared.