Nazi suspect 'aided death camp killings'

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The world's third-most-wanted Nazi suspect, who allegedly participated in the murder of more than 430,000 Jews at the Belzec death camp, was involved in the entire killing process, according to court documents. They claim he participated in taking victims from trains to pushing them into gas chambers to throwing their corpses into mass graves.

A state court in the western city of Bonn released new details yesterday of last week's indictment against Samuel Kunz, an 88-year-old former ministry employee who has lived undisturbed in the village of Wachtberg outside Bonn for many years.

"The accused was deployed in all areas of the camp," court spokesman Matthias Nordmeyer said.

The court's statement describes in gruesome detail some of the crimes the suspected former death camp guard allegedly committed in occupied Poland from January 1942 to July 1943.

The court also announced that Mr Kunz has been charged in a German youth court because he was a minor at the time – meaning he could be brought to trial as an adolescent and face a more lenient sentence.

Mr Kunz was 20 years old when he allegedly started working as a guard at Belzec in January 1942. According to German law, people between 18 and 21 can be brought to trial either as minors or adults. "It will be up to the judge to decide whether he will be sentenced as an adolescent or an adult," Mr Nordmeyer said.