Neo-Nazi rally takes over Brandenberg Gate

A rally organised by far-right group, 'Baergida', scuffled with authorities and were met by counter-protesters in Berlin

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On Monday, anti-Islam protesters marched from Berlin Main Station to Brandenberg Gate, as the far-right group 'Baergida' called on officials to take in less refugees and prevent the 'Islamification' of Germany and Europe.

'Bergida' is the Berlin branch of anti-immigration group 'Pergida', which have organised similar rallies in the past year nationwide.

Several people were arrested following scuffles between counter-protesters.

Among Baergida's Neo-Nazi flags and symbols were also Israeli flags being carried by a number of supporters during the rally. Onlookers witnessed Nazi salutes, flags with pro-Nazi phrases like "Wir für Deutschland, Wir sind Das Volk" (translated to We for Fermany, We are the people).



Germany has seen several anti-Islam rallies this year, many taking place this week as German chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed the country would suspend the Dublin regulation, and will commit to taking in 500,000 Syrian refugees.

Theo Schneider, a journalist at the protest told The Independent that Baergida marches have become regular occurrences: "They march from Berlin Main Station to Brandenburg Gate every Monday."

Mr Schenider describes the group as "a small group of far-right hooligans, shouting slogans to and insulting the counter-protesters; it is rare that they are blocked".