No-one seems to want the bodies of French terrorists Amedy Coulibaly, Chérif Kouachi and Saïd Kouachi

Families of the gunmen have not made requests for burials

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Coroners in France are facing the puzzling problem of what to do with the bodies of the terrorists who carried out the Charlie Hebdo attacks, as no-one seems in a rush to bury them.

The bodies remain in limbo in a police morgue in Paris, according to the New York Times, with the Paris prosecutor in charge of the investigation having made no official request to bury them, nor have the families of the gunmen, some of whom have condemned their actions and have not made any funeral plans public.

Officials in several French towns connected with the trio have publically declined to have anything to do with their burial.

"If I'm asked to bury Saïd Kouachi, I will refuse categorically," said Arnaud Robinet, the mayor of Reims, the city Kouachi lived in for several years. "I don't want a grave in Reims to become a place of prayer and contemplation for some fanatics."

French law states that Muslim burials must be offered even to terrorists if requested by the family though, an eventuality an official promised to the Times he would comply with.

The US faced a similar situation with the body of Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was eventually quietly buried in Virginia.