One killed in Turkey bombing

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One person has died in an explosion in a Mediterranean town, Turkish authorities said.

A news agency reported the victim was a suicide bomber and the blast was outside a paramilitary police station.

The explosion in the southern town of Kemer in Antalya province today also injured two people, according to deputy governor Recep Yuksel. He said the explosion was not in a tourist area.

Dogan news agency said the attack occurred in front of the police building in the Goynuk district of Kemer.

Kurdish militants, who claimed a deadly car bombing in the Turkish capital recently, have threatened more attacks.

The blast occurred 10 days after a car bombing near a school in the capital, Ankara, killed three people and wounded 34 others. A Kurdish militant group, the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, which claimed responsibility for the car bombing had threatened more attacks in retaliation at what it called the government's "war" against the rebels.

The same group had also claimed a small bombing in Kemer on August 28 that wounded 10 people, including four Swedes. A suicide bombing, also claimed by the Falcons, had left 32 people wounded in Istanbul in November 2010.

Kurdish rebels have dramatically stepped up attacks in Turkey.

The rebels intensified their attacks on Turkish targets in mid-July, accusing the government of not responding to their demands, including autonomy and education in the Kurdish language - which Turkey fears could divide the country along ethnic lines.

In a nationwide crackdown on alleged Kurdish rebel sympathisers, police have detained hundreds of supporters of a pro-Kurdish party as Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish rebel bases in neighbouring northern Iraq.

The conflict has killed tens of thousands of people since 1984.