Otter launches 'bloody' attack on restaurant, leaves owner 'terrified'

The animal staggered into Skippy's Fast Food 'breathing-heavily' before it 'made its mark'

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A wounded otter went on a “bloody” rampage in a burger joint, causing terrified customers to flee the restaurant over fears the animal would launch an attack. 

The animal, which was "breathing heavily", staggered into Skippy's Fast Food in Ålesund, Norway, before crawling into the middle of the floor.

The otter was bleeding from a large gash on its leg and wounds to its face that are now believed to have been caused by an unfortunate encounter with boat propellers.

Panicked owner Mohamed Rashed was so scared by its presence he rang police to report that a “strange” animal had broken into the premises, before evacuating customers.

Mr Rashed insisted he has lived in Norway for 16 years but has "never experienced anything like that".

"We did not know what kind of animal it was. I have never seen an animal like that in my life," he told TV 2. "I was terrified it was going to attack."

Mr Rashed's fear may be somewhat justified considering photos that resurfaced from a Florida wildlife refuge showing an otter dragging an alligator out of the water with apparent ease and devouring it last week.

But local wildlife officer Håkan Sunde sustained the most serious (and only) injuries from the ordeal - a bite on his finger when the animal lunged and "made its mark."

"I tried first to coax it into the cage, without much luck," Mr Sunde explained.

"Then I chose to grab its neck with my hands, and that was when it saw its chance to 'make its mark', so to speak. Now I'm heading to the doctor to get a tetanus injection."

The otter had to be put down because of its injuries, according to the TV channel.