'Period pads' artist posts feminist messages all over city

'Elonë' left messages about gender equality and rape culture in Karsruhe, Germany

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An artist has chosen an unusual way to promote feminism, writing messages on sanitary towels and placing them all over a German city.

'Elonë' posted a series of photographs on her Tumblr and Instagram accounts, documenting her project in Karsruhe.

Since she shared the snaps on International Women's Day on March 8, hundreds and thousands of people have shared, copied and commented on the idea.

The series was reportedly inspired by a tweet posted by user @cutequeer96 last September, which read “imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods".

And she says that her aim is to educate people that “feminism means equality, not men hate",  website Bored Panda reported.

German artist Elonë said her message was that “feminism means equality, not men hate"

She has asked those who want to emulate the project to tag their photos and spread the message.

One of the photo captions reads 'Nuk e kam emerin zemer' – or 'My name is not baby'.